OPTIMUM Physical Therapy offers a wide array of outpatient physical therapy service including, but not limited to:

Evaluation & PT Diagnosis

Do you know there is an official diagnosis called “Low Back Pain?” Odds are that was the first thing out of the patient’s mouth at their doctor’s appointment! The point being, the world of medicine has made great strides to improve diagnoses. Specifically, the field of physical therapy has installed a classification system allowing for diagnosis that leads to SPECIFIC management of your individual problem! No longer do all people with low back pain get cookie-cutter care. Now under the skilled eyes of our physical therapists, you can receive the OPTIMUM care you deserve.

Therapeutic Exercise

Just like you would not take a cholesterol medication for managing osteoarthritis, different injuries are managed with distinct rehabilitation strategies. Let the therapists at OPTIMUM develop a unique exercise program as specific to you as the medication you receive from your doctor.

Manual Therapy

For various reasons a joint can become stiff or “locked” and need to have its movement restored. Did you know that a stiff hip can lead to a knee, foot, or back problem?! Our therapists look at your leg, arm, or spine as a chain, with the understanding that problems in one region can often be “silent” and lead to pain in another. A skilled assessment of each region of the chain, followed by manual therapy to restore movement can optimize your outcome.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Did you know your ears are not there for hearing alone? The other function of the ears is to contribute to your ability to balance and it is called the vestibular system. Problems in the vestibular system lead to various types of dizziness (often called “vertigo”) and problems with imbalance, nausea, and a loss your ability to function normally. Many problems with the vestibular system respond well to rehabilitation. Let OPTIMUM Physical Therapy help you get back on your feet without feeling like you are on a boat or the room is spinning around you!

Balance Training and Fall Risk Prevention

Whether it be through a disease or a consequence of the aging process, falls should be taken very seriously. Fall-related injuries often lead to other medical problems such as pneumonia that can be life threatening (especially in our older population). Whether it be balance training, movement adaptions, assessment for an assistive device (such as a cane or walker), recommendations on home adaptions, or targeted strengthening OPTIMUM Physical Therapy can help you or your loved one lessen the risk of falls and go on living an active lifestyle.

Sports Rehabilitation

As former athletes ourselves, our therapists love to help you get back to your sport of passion. Whether it be the professional, student, or the recreationalist we have the background and experience to help you get back to your “A” game. We can also coordinate with your coaches, trainers, and parents to make sure your care is OPTIMUM.

Post-operative Rehabilitation

Whether you underwent a discectomy, ACL reconstruction, or rotator cuff repair, OPTIMUM’s physical therapists have seen them all. Let us help guide your rehabilitation while consulting your surgeon to ensure the best outcome.

Work-related Injury Rehabilitation

From trauma and overuse injuries to post-surgical rehabilitation, OPTIMUM’s therapists can help rehabilitate you back to the work force. With years of experience dealing with Labor and Industries (L&I) we are skilled in how to correctly steer your way back to health following an on-the-job injury.

Ergonomics Assessment

Is your posture leading to pain? Signs may include neck pain or headaches following sitting in front of the computer, wrist pain after typing, low back pain after a car ride. Let OPTIMUM look at how you assume each posture and help you correct it to minimize pain and maximize your ability to work.

Therapeutic Modalities (including electrical stimulation, ultrasound, thermal and cryo modalities)

Whether it is to promote tissue healing or decrease pain, OPTIMUM PT offers a wide range of therapeutic modalities to assist in your treatment plan and getting you back to your OPTIMUM.

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder Treatment

Nagging jaw pain? Popping when you open and/or close your mouth? Do you feel like your jaw is tired at the end of a conversation or meal? Headaches that seem to originate from your jaw? HERE’S SOMETHING YOU SHOULD TRY: slump with bad posture and let your head stick out ahead of you. Bite down and feel where your teeth come together. Now sit up as straight as possible and compare your bite. TMJ problems can arise directly from your jaw or indirectly as a result of your posture. Let OPTIMUM’s therapists take a look at you and determine the best care to address the problem.

Custom and Semi-custom Foot Orthotics

It’s popular to hear that all of your ills from your back down can be cured with a correcting foot alignment with a pair of custom foot orthotics. While this is true in some cases, did you know foot pain can also originate from your knee, hip, or back? Let OPTIMUM’s therapists look at all the areas. If it’s a pair of orthotics you need, we can fit you for custom, semi-custom, or over-the-counter. We’ll help you determine which one will do the job in a cost-effective manner.

Golf Rehabilitation and Training

OPTIMUM’s physical therapists are trained and certified with Titleist Performance Institute (, a group that trains medical professionals to assess the body’s movement as it pertains to the ideal golf swing. Let us help take that slice away or get rid of that nagging next-day back pain. We can analyze your swing and perform a head to toe evaluation to determine what body faults may be leading to swing faults. We are more than happy and prefer to work as a team with your exisiting golf pro and/or trainer.